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"I had tried counselling due to anxiety a few times before I decided to go back again. I was nervous to go back but Bernie instantly made me feel so at ease and comfortable as she was so down to earth and friendly.

I had told Bernie what did not work for me in my previous years of counselling and she took it all on board and she did not push me to do anything I was not comfortable with. Instead she was so patient and allowed me to get to there in my own time and when I was ready. She would recommend simple exercises and she also gave me books to read which where amazing. And most importantly of all she was a fantastic listener.

I cannot thank Bernie enough for everything she did. she was truly amazing in helping me overcome my anxiety and if I ever felt that I needed to go back to counselling I wouldn’t hesitate in contacting Bernie."

"I attended counselling with Bernie after the sudden passing away of my mother. I tried counselling before and it never worked out for me. I went once or twice and then never went back as i never felt a connection. I was weary of trying it again but that feeling soon went away after meeting Bernie. She made me feel at ease, she was very easy to talk to and was a fantastic listener.

My mothers passing had a huge affect on me, mentally and physically. I suffered really badly with panic attacks. I never had them before and Bernie went out of her way to research grounding and breathing exercises for me. She also recommended books for me to read and after a while the panick attacks stopped.

I can't thank Bernie enough for supporting me through such a difficult time in my life and the exceptional service she provided. In the future, if I ever have any concerns or worries, I would not hesitate to contact Bernie again."

"Thank you so much for helping me through some very emotional times. From the very start you made me feel comfortable as you are so down to earth and easy to talk to. Through your help and guidance I feel like a weight has been lifted and I feel like myself again. I am so glad I found this service, I now know what works for me and I know exactly where to go if things get tough. Thank you!"

"I feel incredibly lucky to have someone like Bernie in my life. To me, she is kindness, encouragement, time and understanding personified. I have never once felt judged or unwelcome. Without Bernie, I don't think I would have been able to instigate the changes I needed to make in my life. With Bernie's guidance, I finally have peace of mind and for that I can't thank her enough."